Generi 2 Jerusalem  Photo: Dagan Avs


The Building Division of Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh is the industry leader in Israel in public and residential construction.

The Building Division has the operational capacity to handle complex and unique engineering and infrastructure projects, such as power stations, desalination and filtering plants, bridges, ports, office and residential towers, and more; due to the public importance of these endeavors, they are often carried out as public-private partnerships (PPP). In PPP projects, the Building Division supplies the platform, which encompasses financing, planning, construction, service, maintenance, and operation.

The Building Division team has outstanding professional capabilities, combining planning and execution competencies with a wide range of engineering skills. These abilities have been expressed in a variety of engineering works entrusted to the company, which include some of the most complicated and cutting-edge projects in Israel. The division’s capable and proficient staff includes teams of engineers, site managers, and technicians with broad experience and deep professional expertise accumulated over the years of the division’s extensive activities.

The Building Division has carried out some of the largest, most complex, and most important projects in Israel, including the Tel Aviv Court Hall of Justice (Heichal Hamishpat), the Gush Dan Light Rail Maintenance and Operations Depot, the Genery 2 building in Jerusalem, the Carmel Tunnels, the Harel Tunnels, the Gilon Tunnels, the Alon (BSR) Towers in Tel Aviv, and more.

The division’s clients include government companies, agencies, and ministries, as well as the leading development and entrepreneurial companies in Israel.


ROAD 77  Photo: Amir Trankel


The Road Division of Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh has carried out large-scale, complex, groundbreaking initiatives across Israel over the years. These projects were accomplished at the highest levels of quality seen in Israel, while also meeting challenging schedules. The division specializes in building roads, airport runways, interchanges, and bridges; digging tunnels; underground installations using pipe ramming; and asphalt works.

The Road, Railway, and Infrastructure Division is a partner in the historic Gush Dan Light Rail project, which will radically transform transportation in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

The employees of the division are experienced and skilled, making it possible to provide unique, tailor-made solutions to the company’s clients, precisely adapted to their needs and to the conditions of the project, giving expression to the division’s capabilities.

The division employs some of the most highly skilled, leading asphalt teams in the Israeli market, and has the most advanced, highest-quality equipment currently in existence in Israel at its disposal. The company owns specialized equipment for asphalt work, including laser paving devices and innovative automated equipment.

The division’s top-tier asphalt factories produce asphalt mixtures according to the most advanced specifications.


Gilboa Pumped Storage  Photo: Albatross


The EPC division is the execution arm of Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh for complex industrial process projects.

The division acts as an integrative construction contractor, with professional expertise and multidisciplinary experience in industrial EPC projects, in local as well as international markets. The division’s highly experienced management team is engaged throughout the life cycle of each project, from the earliest stages of initiation and bidding to construction and delivery to the franchisee or owner.

The EPC division collaborates with industry-leading foreign global technology companies, contributing its accumulated experience with past and present complex projects, in order to successfully complete complex engineering endeavors.

The division is participating in groundbreaking industrial process projects currently underway in Israel and around the world, including the Shafdan Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tel Aviv, a unique project and the first of its kind worldwide; the Ashalim power station in the Negev desert, the largest renewable-energy project in Israel; the photovoltaic solar power plant at Kibbutz Tzeelim in the Negev; and the pumped-storage power plant at Gilboa, which allows energy to be stored through water pumped from a lower reservoir to a reservoir at a higher altitude.


Southern underground wall  Photo: Asad Kahlani


The operational arm of Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh for geotechnical work, Cementcal, established in 1967, is the oldest and leading company in its field in Israel.

Cementcal performs all types of large-scale, highly complex works: slurry and posts for lining and reinforcement, fixed or temporary polymer earth anchors, groundwater lowering and insertion, jet grouting injection, and concrete work for geotechnical projects using innovative technology, such as the immense hydromill machine, which makes it possible to dig to depths of dozens of meters underground with great accuracy.

The company’s management, engineering, and operations teams are capable of resolving problems that arise at job sites due to changes in the characteristics of the land, as well as changes in planning required by the clients.

Cementcal projects, which are conducted underground, pose unusual engineering challenges that require a commitment to constant innovation, remaining up-to-date on leading global technologies, and employing the best, most highly skilled professionals.

Cementcal is involved in projects of national importance, including the construction of a barrier to prevent tunneling on the Gaza border, the Light Rail in Tel Aviv, and more.


Precast Plant, Haifa  Photo: Dagan Avs.


The Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Precast Concrete Plant is one of the largest and foremost factories in its field in Israel.

The plant specializes in manufacturing industrial elements for construction, infrastructures, bridges, and reinforced earth walls, and is capable of producing all types of civil engineering components.

The Precast Concrete Plant complies with Israeli and international quality standards. Its customers include the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the National Roads Company, the Derech Eretz highway company, and a range of private entities.

The plant has four production lines:


  • Concrete segments (segmental bridge elements)
  • Pre-stressed hollow core slabs
  • Pre-stressed and non-pre-stressed concrete elements
  • Special custom-made products


Link to Solel Boneh Precast Concrete Plant


Concrete Plants  Photo: David Avitan


Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh has ten concrete plants and shipping facilities nationwide, from the north to the south of Israel.

The concrete plants produce every kind of concrete and mortar: raw clay for the production of lightweight concrete, prepared mortar for tiling, and cement mortar and plaster, allowing the company to offer solutions to its clients’ needs based on the detailed plans they provide when placing orders. The concrete plants produce approximately one million cubic meters of concrete annually; some of the manufacturing entails complex logistics requiring high levels of skill. The company has several mobile plants, which can be set up quickly at large and/or strategic construction sites.

The Concrete and Shipping Unit also contains a quality assurance system and a laboratory for the development of chemical additives, designed to improve product quality and performance and reduce costs. Shipping services are provided for all types of freight: cement, asphalt, substrates, aggregates, and other materials.


The Acre Carmiel railway  Photo: Edi Isarel


The areas of activity and expertise of Menorah are electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, extra-low voltage, traffic control, railway electrification, and control rooms.

Menorah carries out projects involving road lighting, interchange lighting, railway intersection control, traffic control, and traffic lights, including the construction and maintenance of these systems.

The company has extensive experience with large, challenging projects, including the construction of the Mashov National Traffic Control Center in the Israel Police Traffic Division, the 2000 Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, lighting at the ports of Haifa and Ashdod, installation of railway barriers, radars for road-rail intersections, setup of electricity infrastructures on military bases, stadium lighting, and more.

Menorah delivers high-quality technological solutions to its clients and provides professional, efficient service while meeting tight deadlines.

Link to Menorah website

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