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Shikun & Binui USA (S&B USA) has been active in the U.S. since 2012 and is now operating out of Pittsburgh, PA through its infrastructure development and equity subsidiary, Shikun & Binui USA Concessions, its construction subsidiary and Shikun & Binui USA Construction (including Fay and Fay Southeast). S&B USA develops and builds complex infrastructure projects and specializes in Public-Private Partnership (P3) and Design-Build projects, in which the developer and contractor are responsible for the management of mega projects, including aspects of financing, designing, permitting, maintaining and operating.

In addition, S&B USA is part of the global family of companies Shikun & Binui Ltd. (S&B) established in 1924, an experienced construction, development and real estate group headquartered in Israel.

Visit the S&B USA website:

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