Chalomot Givat Zemer is located in the new neighborhood in the Carmel, Haifa, and offers the bay view every morning. 6 buildings are being built, with a high standard.

In front of the magical views of Haifa, from every angle – to the blue bay and the Galil mountain, everything is around – the Technion, Haifa university, the Grand mall, Horev center, sport center Romema, Education centers and Entertainment Complex.

The project has an easy access to the Carmel Tunnels.



Shikun & Binui is building the next big dream in the Israeli real estate landscape – Chalomot Or-Yam, a residential complex with 23 buildings, in the heart of the new Or-Yam neighborhood under construction near Caesarea at Or Akiva. Residents will benefit from the excellent location between Route 2 and Route 4, with easy access to these major highways and just a 5-minute drive from the main employment and entertainment centers – Caesarea Business Park, the train station, Zichron Yaakov and Pardes Hanna.

The project has 20 boutique 5-story and 9-story buildings. Every building has a meticulously planned and stylishly designed lobby. The building plans are in line with environmentally friendly design standards. Or-Yam Dreams has been built to high standards in perfect surroundings, within walking distance of the sea on one side and green spaces on the other.



The mall is located in the prestigious Ir Yamim neighborhood of Netanya. The shopping mall was built by Shikun & Binui Real Estate in cooperation with Azorim, the mall is mostly populated by shops and businesses of leading international and Israeli brands.
Currently, the mall is being expanded to an additional 7500 sq.m. for commercial use and 10,000 sq.m. of offices.



Shikun & Binui Real Estate won a BOT tender to renovate and operate the old Einstein student dormitory complex and build a new dormitory complex, Broshim, on the Tel Aviv University campus. The two compounds will include about 2,500 beds.

The compound was planned in line with global recycling and environmentally-friendly trends. The new apartments include innovative heating and cooling systems, air conditioning in every room, new bathroom and toilets, LCD screens, modern kitchens, an electric heater for each apartment and other furnishings, which give each unit a young, modern look.

In both complexes, shopping areas, communal spaces and gardens have been renovated and refurbished, to create a unique campus atmosphere of studying and living.

The Broshim dormitory complex has been designed according to sustainability and green building principles: It features environmentally- friendly materials, improved wall and window insulation, an innovative, cost-effective air conditioning system, etc.



Luxury high-rise Time Tower was built as part of a new and exclusive residential complex in the well-established, prestigious and intimate Rishonim neighborhood in the high-quality city of Ramat Gan, opposite the Diamond Exchange complex – one of the most central business complexes in Israel, not far from Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan’s main cultural and leisure centers.

The project’s tenants will enjoy easy access to Tel Aviv and the Center for the Performing Arts, the Sharona complex, Rothschild Blvd. and the Yarkon Park, as well as the Ayalon Freeway, Tel Aviv Central Train Station and the future light rail.

The high-rise building is an impressive creation by famed architect Moshe Tzur – featuring 38 floors of elegant design, and a lobby made of glass cubes surrounded by ornamental ponds. The extensive lobby will boast a 24/7 security guard, a lounge and seating area, a transparent, well-equipped gym and access to the garden.

The apartments in the project are meticulously planned, with balconies facing a spectacular urban landscape. The apartments are luxuriously equipped, down to the last detail. The building offers three-, four-, and five-room apartments, as well as exclusive mini-penthouses and penthouse apartments.

The project was constructed using green building principles, to help preserve the environment and reduce your energy bills.



A residential complex that provides a perfect solution for families, Chalomot Kiryat Ono allows you to raise your children safely while maintaining a high quality of life.

The project is adjacent to an older neighborhood of single family homes and to Pardes Reisfeld. At the heart of the project is a sprawling beautiful park over an area of 10 acres, which includes walkways, squares, playgrounds and green spaces, as well as an advanced school system and public amenities in an exceptional environment.

The neighborhood is close to main traffic arteries: Geha Road, Maccabit Road and the Cross-Israel Highway.

The Company recently began marketing and developing plots for self-construction: Be the first to choose your dream plot.



We invite you to enjoy a perfect family living space facing the Jerusalem hills in the Chalomot Tzur Hadassa project.

The project will feature five 4-6 floor buildings, with 4-5 room apartments, garden apartments, mini-penthouses and sizable penthouse apartments. The buildings will be constructed according to green building standards and the high-quality standards of Shikun & Binui, Israel’s leading real estate company.

The project was built in Tzur Hadassah, a small town located 10 km southwest of Jerusalem, on Route 375 from Haella Junction to Betar Illit. The town is accessible from Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood – through the Tunnels Road, a 15-minute drive on a beautiful, scenic road.

Chalomot Tzur Hadassah is surrounded by the beautiful nature and fresh air of the Jerusalem hills. The apartments boast a rich, meticulous, high quality design, so that you can feel the boost to your quality of life both on the inside and outside. The buildings feature beautifully designed lobbies, which will give you and your guests a sense of luxury.



Shikun & Binui Real Estate continues the success of Chalomot Karkur, building a state-of-the-art project of the highest standards, in a growing neighborhood in the green town of Karkur, boasting a high quality of life, close-by schools and a wide range of attractive shopping and entertainment options within a short driving distance. Chalomot Pardes Hanna Karkur will allow you to enjoy the quality of life and the warm community atmosphere of this growing town.

The project was built according to green building standards and will include eight buildings with a variety of 4-5 room apartments, mini penthouses and penthouse apartments.

The project is a 3-minute drive from the center of the town, a 3-minute drive from the Caesarea-Pardes Hanna train station and from the exit to the Highway 2, 6 minutes from Highway 6 and a 45-minute drive to Tel Aviv.



Chalomot Park Hadera is located in the Park Hadera neighborhood, a prestigious neighborhood with more than 2,000 housing units. The neighborhood combines low-rise and high-rise buildings, offering a green and safe environment for pedestrians, with a perfect balance between residential areas, open spaces, public buildings and shopping facilities.

The neighborhood offers you all public amenities: kindergartens, schools, a shopping center, healthcare facilities, a community center, a synagogue and a mikveh. The neighborhood is in close proximity to a swimming pool and an auditorium.

The buildings in the neighborhood were designed by two architects with different styles, which have planned the buildings in a variety of designs to accommodate different tastes; each family can choose the apartment style that best fits its needs.

The project offers 4-5 room apartments, luxurious garden apartments, mini penthouses and penthouse apartments, from 6-story buildings to high rises.

The project is strategically located, offering a 5-minute access to Highway 4, and a 6-minute drive to the train station. When the neighborhood is connected to Route 9, which leads directly to Highway 6 and Highway 4, you will be able to access any place in Israel with maximum convenience.



The new center, first of its kind in The South, presentד the best leading brands of home design: styling, furniture, lighting and home textile and will allow customers to find all the home design solutions in one place.

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